Through education and hope, to see our indigenous Mexican friends restore their war-ravaged region!

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Donate or Sponsor a Student

Let’s empower students through donations and sponsorship!

There are quick 2 ways to donate or sponsor a student:

Donate Support Where It’s Needed Most:

Our students have very few resources to draw from. If something unexpected happens during the year, they may need help buying food, obtaining healthcare, or securing transportation. Canyon Scholars also needs your support to cover basic administrative costs. Any donation you can offer is appreciated and used responsibly to help our students and organization succeed!

For One-Time Instant Donation, please use any of the following options:

Sponsor a Student for a Year:

Whatever grade level student you choose to support, please consider increasing your level of support as your student progresses to the next level of education. We’ll contact you each year to confirm your ongoing or increased level of support. Our goal is to give our students the confidence that someone will be there for them throughout their educational journey.

While contacting, please enter the number of students you would like to support:

1) Middle School (about $21/month or $250/year)

2) High School (about $42/month or $500/year)

3) College (about $63/month or $750/year)

Payment or Donation Options:

Zelle (For one-time or recurring monthly donation):

Nearly every bank in the U.S. has Zelle, a simple online way to make one-time or recurring monthly payments. It’s ideal because no one is charged fees for these transactions. Our Zelle ID is: [email protected].

PayPal (Donate with PayPal Giving Fund):

You can use this option for one-time payments. Please be advised that if you use this option, we will not be charged a transaction fee and a fixed fee for receiving your payment. Our dedicated link for Donate with PayPal Giving Fund is:

Check (Reach out to us via mail):

You can make a check out to “Canyon Scholars,” specifying the type of scholarship, or simply “donation to use as needed,” and mail it to:

Canyon Scholars
c/o Tom Pierce
5595 Tancho Drive, Apt. 104
Madison, WI 53718-1954

Looking forward to Donating or Sponsoring a Student?

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