Through education and hope, to see our indigenous Mexican friends restore their war-ravaged region!

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Your investment pays dividends 3 times over!

We cannot imagine having more impact, dollar for dollar, on any charitable investment. Give the gift that keeps on giving in these 3 ways:


Educational Scholarship

Your educational scholarship, starting at just $21/mo., pulls a child out of a drug-cartel-dominated region where they can be forced for survival to take jobs working in marijuana fields or eventually trafficking.


Trainings and New Opportunities

In schools or colleges 3-8 hours from their home, they receive peace, protection and hope, learning about the broader world, and training for dozens of new opportunities.


Professional Jobs

Once working as nurses, teachers, business people or engineers, 90 percent of our students either return to develop and stabilize their home communities, or help support their parental families.

Sponsor a Student

While contacting us or sponsoring a student, please mention the number of students you would like to support:

  • Middle School (about $21/month or $250/year)
  • High School (about $42/month or $500/year)
  • College (about $63/month or $750/year)

To sponsor and payment options, please head over to:

Success Stories:
New Leaders Change the Landscape Very Month!

The stories of Canyon Scholars returning to their communities as the first higher-education teacher, nurse, lawyer or engineer, are incredible!

Theresa was the first of 700 Canyon Scholars at age 13. She became a lawyer and started the Center for the Defense of Human Rights which has now employed two more Canyon Scholar graduates, which trains Tarahumara families in village after village how to protect their land, avoid isolation, utilize government services, and develop a safety net of relationships.

There could be no greater investment in social welfare than to provide education to future leaders like Theresa whose efforts will produce change for generations to come. Theresa thanks her sponsor, University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Jack Westman, who not only provided Citlali’s scholarships, but mentored and encouraged her with letters of support.

Mary Murray adopted Romina, 28, who became a nurse just in time to help vaccinate her community during COVID-19. Alberta is not only passionate about providing medical attention, but eventually electricity, jobs, and better schools to her home community. Ironically, she explained, the mere bus money that her scholarship funds provided made the difference in her getting to school and graduating from the university.

“I was totally thrilled to hear that three of my students have graduated from college,” said Joan Halverson who, with her husband Ron, has supported 4 more university students, and 9 total, imagining the difference they will make!

The Madison Kiwanis Club received the tragic news in June of 2022 that a drug cartel gunned down two beloved priests in the Tarahumara town of Cerocahui where 3 of their 4 students live, attend church and go to school. Imagine the inspiring report that their two high school students are still determined to be the first engineer and veterinarians in that village, planting new seeds of hope.

“All that’s necessary for evil to triumph in this world is for good people to do nothing,” said Edmund Burke. Through personal relationships with future leaders like this, our sponsors know they are part of something greater than themselves, planting brighter futures in disenfranchised communities, and investing in a better world!

Receive success stories!

If you would like to receive regular success stories about these students or sponsor a student, please contact us via our online form “Let’s Get Connected” at the bottom of this page.

Even better, sponsor a child by signing up. Only $43/month gets a Tarahumara student through high school, and only $63/month supplements their expenses enough to get them through a university!

What investment could pay greater dividends than providing education and skills for a lifetime of service and development of these Tarahumara communities? It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

We realize the role education played in our lives. The GI Bill helped me earn a degree in Medical Technology, enabling me to join Marge in teaching 4 high school students to be clinical lab technicians in desperately poor Nicaragua. Canyon Scholars has given us the chance to do something to help the very poor students in Copper Canyon have a real chance in life, and for such a reasonable amount of money. We have been carefully informed of their progress and kept aware of the blessings we have brought to them because of our help.

Ed & Marge Eklof (Sponsors of 2 High School Students and 2 University Students)
How are we helping Indigenous youth?

Your Gift Improves Lives for Generations!

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