Through education and hope, to see our indigenous Mexican friends restore their war-ravaged region!

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Poverty is lifted by a U.S. pipeline of compassion

Just over the U.S. border, we have been planting hope amid drug-traffic violence for 22 years. Scholarships from 130 Americans have helped 300 young Mexican leaders graduate from high school and 110 from college as nurses, doctors, teachers, and lawyers who are replacing drug cartel activity with reclaimed land, regional stability, and healthy lives.

Are you looking for a way to make the greatest impact possible with your giving? You just found it! Invest just $21/mo. to send a child to school. You’ll find the stories are incredible, and the results are undeniable. Donate us today and make a difference!

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Help us help youth from 40 impoverished villages in the Sierra Madre of northwest Mexico!

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Educating Tomorrow's
Leaders: 100s of
Tarahumara Youth
in 40 Villages

The Tarahumara are the world-famous “running people” who host the world’s 20 best ultra-marathoners each year on their mountain trails for a 50+ mile race they repeatedly win! But sadly they acquired these superpowers over centuries by having to outrun Spanish colonizers, land-grabbing deforesters, mountain-mining corporations, and now pot-growing drug cartels, as they withdrew to the Copper Canyon. Canyon Scholars’ work has focused on 40 Tarahumara villages, one of which is described in this video.

Fun Facts: A wonder of the world, the Copper Canyon is actually 3 times deeper and wider than Arizona’s Grand Canyon! Also, thanks to Mexico’s Department of Tourism, it also has the world’s second longest zip line, after one in the United Arab Emirates!

For more on these fascinating indigenous people, read about our Special Project work, building reservoirs, a library, basketball court, and planting apple orchards to help the Tarahumara survive and reclaim their lost lands.

Read: The Land Cries Out by Todd Svanoe, Director of Donor Relations, Canyon Scholars.

(Drawn by our student: P.M. Estrada)

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What special talent can you or a friend or family member bring to our team? We are always looking for young enthusiastic people to help with social media, to serve as board members and advisors, and to develop the Next Generation of Canyon Scholars. Connect us to a volunteer, or volunteer yourself. You’ll have fun working with us!


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We’d love to share the story of Canyon Scholars in a Zoom meeting with your family, neighbors, or work colleagues. We’ll make it educational, inspirational, and fun with trivia. It’s become fashionable for youth to “Give Back” together, doing a service project for a birthday party. Think of it as a social evening. All you do is invite the guests. We guarantee a meaningful time had by all!


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Add purpose to a sports team, aerobics group, friends from work, or a church or service club by adopting Canyon Scholars collectively. Sponsor students together as a relationship builder. Your group will get regular, interesting updates. Ask a business to “give back” 5% on purchases during one month to student scholarships. We promise great success stories and photos for their website. Speaking of which...Share your photo and an endorsement!

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