Through education and hope, to see our indigenous Mexican friends restore their war-ravaged region!

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Reach out to us to sponsor students until graduation

Congratulations on taking the first step to make a difference! You can sponsor a child in the following ways:

Monthly Donation via Zelle Auto-Pay:
You can greatly reduce our operating expenses if you sign up for Auto-Pay using Zelle through your bank with no fees. Our Zelle ID: [email protected]

Or simply check with your bank to see if it’s possible to set up a monthly donation using Zelle and our Canyon Scholars ID: [email protected]

‘Til Graduation! 
Whatever grade level student you choose, please pledge to stay with them (or another equivalent if they must drop out) through college graduation, as this is our goal. 


One-Time Donations:
One-time donations can also be made through Zelle and PayPal, as noted above. An ATM or Credit card donation can be made quickly via Donate Now!

Donate with PayPal Giving Fund!


Questions? Call Todd (414-204-4768) for help getting started or canceling, if necessary.

THANK YOU for sponsoring a child!

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