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Juan Calendario Gonzalez

Juan Manuel Candelario Gonzalez is a 14-year-old Tarahumara boy who comes from a deprived background in Cusarare, Chihuahua. His father died of exposure while inebriated in their mountain community. His older brother followed the path of drugs and alcohol and died at the age of 18. Juan contacted a teacher who goes out into his community seeking young people for a new junior high school. Juan did not want to be a drug addict but did not have money to go to school. In applying to Canyon Scholars, he answered one question by writing that he wants "to get ahead to find out how different it is." He wants to study to learn more. He has no one as his "example to follow" and wants to "succeed in life." He joined the school dance troupe as one of only two boys and earned average grades his first semester. With a caring teacher and a financial base provided through a scholarship from a Montana couple, Juan is escaping the desolation in which he was raised.





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