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Laura Berenice Palma Marquez is a 13-year-old Tarahumara girl living in Cerocahui, Chihuahua. She is one of 4 girls in a family that lacks a steady source of revenue. Her father works on a farm a long way away and seldom comes to see his family or bring them money. Her mother can't work due to caring for a 2-month-old baby. Laura used to live with her family in the city of Chihuahua to get away from an alcoholic and abusive grandfather, but they returned to the mountains for lower living costs and to get occasional help from her grandmother. Laura wants to continue in school like two of her mother's sisters who finished high school, but doesn't want to add to her grandmother's burdens. Her grandmother is a traditional curer, an acurandera, who uses herbs and other home remedies for treating illnesses. Laura would like to follow in her grandmother's footsteps and become a nurse. She wants assistance from a Canyon Scholars sponsor to stay in school at the junior high level.





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